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Blog Post By Genevieve Lewis

CMYK Hub: A company that really cares

If you flicked through the Oxford English Dictionary, and your finger landed on the word ethos, you would find this meaning written underneath: ‘The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations’.

CMYK Hub’s ethos is that it really cares about its clients, and what they are doing in the print industry. This is the nature and the spirit of the whole team, which is a community.

The Nottingham-based firm has the strong belief that giving the customer what they need is the way forward. Factory manager, Lee Edwards, believes that its customer service is second to none, because of this belief. He comments: “One of the things—from an economy point of view—is the level of customer service that we offer. It’s in line with some bigger organisations, sometimes [with these bigger organisations] some people might feel like they’re not catered for as much.

“I think our level of customer service is unique and goes above and beyond, we make sure the customer always gets the product that they require.”

Caring about the customer is something that CMYK is proud of, and everything that they do is in the interest of its clients. Edwards even explains that the idea of caring filters down into every aspect of the company, because the staff just love what they do. There are 22 members of staff at the trade-only printers, and each is crucial to the production of the final product, no matter what their role is within the company.

He continues: “The team that we do have here are very experienced, and really care about what they do. It doesn’t matter what process they’re involved with, they really care in what they do. We did a recent marketing campaign in Australia that was based around ‘We’re here to help. We do care, and we are here to help, no matter what’.”

Alongside a strong passionate workforce, is the equipment that drives CMYK. Its crowning jewels consist of the KBA Rapida, and the Scodix Digital Embossing machine, which the firm uses for one of its most popular products. Edwards explains: “The other unique piece that we’ve got [alongside the KBA Rapida] is the Scodix Digital Embossing machine.

The team that we do have here are very experienced, and really care about what they do. It doesn’t matter what process they’re involved with, they really care in what they do

“The Scodix adds a clear layer of cleared polymer gloss application. That allows designers and brand owners to demand the highest quality, and it produces the most eye-catching designs possible.”

CMYK insist that its success is mostly down to the dedication and hard work from the staff. The firm runs 24/7 and requires a certain level of commitment from everyone, as it requires staff to work during the night to make sure that all products are finished on time. Edwards continues: “I think it is down to the hard work of staff and the turnaround of jobs above anything else. It’s the speeds and the quality we can produce and get out, either on time or before time.

“We offer two shifts [to our operators], we offer a day and a night shift, and we have a night print team, and one night manager. The bulk of the work is done during the day.”

Along with the satisfaction and happiness of its customers, CMYK also like to do their bit when it comes to the environment, adding to the firm’s fundamental characteristic of caring. Edwards continues: “We’ve become a more environmentally-aware printer, and now we do more than just printing on recycled or plantation-sourced paper. Our focus is to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we can, so that when firms partner with us, they can be assured that we print in a more environmentally-friendly way.”

Manager Edwards says that the reason CMYK Hub is doing so well is down to the hardworking staff members

CMYK Hub’s roots lie in Australia, with print sites in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. The British branch opened in February in 2016, and has gone from strength to strength since establishing itself in the British print industry. Edwards says that the staff are always happy to help the customer find the correct solution, which is one of the reasons why they are one of the fastest growing trade printers currently in the UK.

Edwards also expresses how proud he is of the standard that CMYK Hub work at, and often says that partners are guaranteed the best quality and experience from the firm.

With the hard-working staff, a successful first year, and a string of loyal customers, what could possibly be the goals going forward for CMYK Hub? Edwards insists that there are still improvements that could be made, despite a seemingly perfect story for the company. He explains that the firm has recently purchased a “distressed” print company, and CMYK have now taken the opportunity to build it back up again.

He finishes: “We recently purchased a trade data base and a litho print site. A lot of those customers left when the company had vacated and gone elsewhere, so I think it’s about winning people’s hearts and minds back, and gaining that trust back.

“We want to be as competitive as we can be, with us producing a fantastic quality product. We are driven by a team that really does care.”

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