Printmonthly RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles Wide-format Hybrid When hybrid printers were introduced they were the ‘new big thing’—a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ option. Brenda Hodgson asks can one be the best of both worlds? Floor Graphics As creative design ideas graduate from the walls that surround you to the floor beneath your feet, Harriet Gordan takes a closer look at the growing sector of floor graphics On the Fringe of Wide-format Wide-format is becoming the name of the game in the UK. Brenda Hodgson looks at the overseas manufactured machines that have yet to make their mark in the UK Book Printing With the Far East offering competitive prices for book printing, Genevieve Lewis explores how British printers can fight back and regain those all-important contracts First supermarket to scrap black plastic packaging Lidl has announced it will phase out unrecyclable black plastic packaging from its fruit and vegetable ranges by the end of next month.