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FloriColour, a European photo album printer based in Portugal has owed its recent success to its investment in Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S, which was launched late in 2018.

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Tiago Yu chief executive officer of FloriColor

FloriColour produces a range of photographs for customers from wedding prints to albums for renowned professional photographers.

Fujifilm’s digital Jet Press can produce 3,600 B2 sheets per hour and has a self-cleaning system that is triggered when the printer is between jobs.

According to FloriColour, not only is the Jet Press speedier than more traditional ways of printing photographs, it is also more environmentally friendly as it uses less chemicals than FloriColour’s previously chosen method known as Silver Halide.

The Silver Halide process has been around for over 150 years and uses silver-based chemistry. However, according to Earth Times, Silver Halide salts, which are used in the process, do not biodegrade and are more harmful to the environment than other printing methods.

We have a duty to future generations to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact.

Chief executive officer of FloriColour, Tiago Yu is conscious of the company’s responsibility to the environment and says: “We have a duty to future generations to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact.”

The Silver Halide is also known to be a longer process as the photographs have to be manually processed in a dark room. 

Yu says: “We knew the Jet Press 750S was going to help us turn jobs around much faster, and we have not been disappointed. Perhaps the best way of illustrating the true extent of this is with a real example from very shortly after the Jet Press was installed.

“We were preparing to exhibit at the Wedding & Portrait Photography International Expo in Las Vegas and I asked my team to print five sample albums for me to take to the US with me.

“My instruction was misheard, and the team printed 50 albums instead. Using our silver halide printers, this would have taken around ten hours. On the Jet Press it took 30 minutes”.

Yu is also confident that their new investment will help them to branch out into new markets. He says: “Where we see an especially strong opportunity, given current industry trends, is in the short run luxury catalogue market. With the Jet Press we believe we could, in time, become a major player in this sector.”

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