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Label printer’s donation brings delight to zoo

When Baker Labels in Essex realised just how many cardboard cores were being wasted from label print production, the team came up with the idea of contacting their local zoo to see if they would be of any use.

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African elephants are already benefiting from using the cores

The firm gets through dozens of heavy-duty cardboard cores removed from material master reels each week. Unable to use them for reels of printed labels, the cores are disposed of.

Baker wanted to find a use for them and upon looking into Colchester Zoo’s animal enrichment program, the firm contacted the zoo to find out if the cardboard cores would be of any use. Assistant zoo curator Liz Butcher confirmed the zoo would definitely find a use for them, and so two pallets were shipped off straight away.  

It’s great because now the guys on our materials department are collecting all these cores for a purpose

Kirsty Dailly, PR and marketing executive at Baker Labels, hopes that other label printers will follow suit and find other ways to reuse these cores, and says: “It seemed like such a waste, they weren’t doing anything. One of our colleagues said they were sure that animals at a zoo could use them, and so we looked up Colchester Zoo which runs this enrichment program. We contacted them to see if they would be of any use, sent them some pictures and they said yes, they would be.”

A few days later, staff at the zoo sent images to the company of an elephant trying to get some hay out of their donated cores. Dailly adds: “It’s great because now the guys on our materials department are collecting all these cores for a purpose.”

The firm plans to keep shipping off pallets of these cores to the zoo so that the animals in captivity can continue to be challenged and enriched with activities including them.

Dailly concludes: “Maybe even other label manufacturers and materials suppliers will think, I wonder if there’s a zoo near us that needs cores?”

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