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Kodak inkjet head prints for over 34,000 hours

A Kodak PROSPER press inkjet head has accomplished a record breaking achievement of over 34,000 hours of printing – the equivalent of enough A4 pages to reach the moon three times over.

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The system has printed non-stop for almost four years

Toppan Forms, headquartered in Japan, is an information solutions company that uses Kodak PROSPER presses for production of business forms.

The firm achieved a milestone when it returned a jetting module built with Kodak Stream Inkjet technology for refurbishment after more than 34,000 hours of operation.

The Kodak inkjet head was first installed in Toppan Forms’ PROSPER presses in 2014.

Toppan Forms has tripled its jetting module life over the last five years and since installing its first PROSPER press, the firm has expanded its print service to also offer colour direct mail, transactional and personalised educational applications.

Will Mansfield, director of worldwide product marketing and category management for Kodak’s Enterprise Inkjet Systems, comments: “Toppan Forms’ achievement speaks to their operational excellence as a print-service-provider of digitally produced print communication.

We are delighted with the results that were displayed thanks to the ongoing partnership between our companies

"It’s also a testament to the reliability of PROSPER presses in the most demanding of print environments.”

Shoichi Horie, manager of production planning at Toppan Forms, adds: “I believe that this record-breaking achievement could not have happened without the cooperative framework that exists between Kodak and Toppan Forms.

“We are delighted with the results that were displayed thanks to the ongoing partnership between our companies and the high level of technical expertise that we have. I am looking forward to this leading to even greater achievements being made in the future."

Kodak’s Stream Inkjet technology sees the ink flow continuously through the jetting modules and only the drops needed for printing fall to the paper, whilst the rest of the drops are deflected and recirculated.

Using environmentally friendly, water-based inks costs less and provides a wider colour gamut than drop-on-demand inks.

The jetting modules are returned to Kodak where a majority of the components are reused in the refurbishment process, leading to a more sustainable solution.

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