Thursday, 25 Oct 2018 16:06 GMT

Fashion magazine opts for recycled paper

Off Black, a biannual fashion, arts and culture magazine, has selected Arjowiggins recycled paper for its latest edition.

Each issue of the magazine has a specific theme and the publication is reinvented to reflect the even or theme it is supporting. The theme chosen for the upcoming issue is ‘lost’ and refers to lost tribes, lost community, lost trades and the circular economy. The editorial team wanted to reflect that through every aspect of the magazine, all the way down to the paper used.

France-based Arjowiggins Graphic specialises in the development and production of environmental paper solutions. For the inner pages the magazine chose Cyclus Offset 100 percent recycled 115gsm to showcase what recycled paper can look like, with its subtle shade, high-quality texture and the environmental benefits that support the theme. For the cover, six different versions have been designed and printed on six shades of Keaykolour 300gsm.

The quality that Cyclus creates combined with the vibrant colours from Keaykolour lets us bring something unique to this issue

Sarah Jo Palmer, editor-in-chief and Johanna Bonnevier, creative director at Off Black Magazine commented: “We’re delighted by our decision to work with Arjowiggins and Antalis for this year’s issue. The quality that Cyclus creates combined with the vibrant colours from Keaykolour lets us bring something unique to this issue. By using recycled paper for the text pages, we are able to round off our ‘lost’ theme by reminding people about the challenges we face in finding sustainable solutions.”

Angela DeVorchik, operational marketing manager at Arjowiggins Graphic says: “This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the Off Black biannual magazine.  We believe that printing the magazine on our recycled paper reflects the brand’s character and will aid in resonating with their core audience. Cyclus is authentic but thoroughly modern so it was the ideal paper to complement each of the Keaykolour covers. We can’t wait for fashion week and to get our hands on the new magazine.”

The magazine was printed by F.E Burman on an HP Indigo 12000 press, with both Keaykolour and Cyclus papers from Arjowiggins supplied by Antalis. By using a recycled paper instead, the magazine reduced its environmental impact by: 938kg of CO2 and greenhouse gases, 22,015 litres of water, 2,924 kWh of energy and 1,524kg of wood.

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