Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019 15:44 GMT

Paper industry unites for recycling initiative

A new initiative has been launched to support local councils in improving the quality and quantity of paper for recycling.

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has teamed up with WRAP to launch OUR PAPER, a programme to help councils achieve consistency in their paper and card recycling.

Funded by the CPI and its members, the three-year project aims to promote paper and encourage service reviews within local councils to ensure the efficiency of paper and card recycling.

By educating councils about the benefits of recycling consistency, and changes in policy both at home and abroad, it is hoped that changes will help to increase the quality and value of paper, as well as saving money in recycling services.

Ray Georgeson, an expert in the resource efficiency sector, will be spearheading the new programme alongside CPI, WRAP and chair Sarah Raymond from Palm Recycling.

Georgeson comments: “I am delighted to be working with CPI and WRAP on this timely initiative to councils. Ensuring ever improving quality and quantity of paper and card for recycling has never been more important – recent events in China and SE Asia have shown that starkly.

… improving quality and quantity is good for the environment, good for council taxpayers and good for British manufacturing

“The message remains simple – paper and card recycling are the backbone of most kerbside recycling services, improving quality and quantity is good for the environment, good for council taxpayers and good for British manufacturing using high-quality recovered fibre to build the circular economy.”

Sarah Raymond adds: “The coming months and years will see significant changes in the way we manage recycling. Future developments in Extended Producer Responsibility, food waste collection and enhanced consistency of collections are rising up councils’ agendas with forthcoming Defra consultations on all these issues.

“Combined with huge market changes in the ability to export materials, it is a critical opportunity to future proof fibre recycling collections as the centrepiece of kerbside systems, taking every opportunity to make savings as well. Our aim is to provide guidance and support and help local councils produce the material we need for a healthy British recycling industry.”

Sue Reed, collections and recycling manager for WRAP continues: “WRAP is pleased to see the paper and card reprocessing industries join forces and support our work on getting even more value out of recycling collections, building on and supporting our Framework for greater consistency in household recycling.”

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