Monday, 24 Jun 2019 15:09 GMT

Recycled PVC print substrate launched

With the spotlight currently firmly on sustainable products, more companies are looking at ways to make their business more environmentally friendly.

Polyvinyl chloride is found in a wide range of products from children’s toys to food packaging. According to Greenpeace, PVC can be very difficult to recycle which often results in large quantities of it being sent to landfill. 

PVC products can leak harmful additives during use and disposal, when they are burned or buried. Burning creates and releases more dioxins and compounds containing chlorine, both of which are known to contaminate the environment.

Perspex Distribution, a distributor of Perspex cast acrylic and other thermoplastic items, has incorporated sustainability into its offerings with the launch of a new print substrate.

Palboard is a multi-layered PVC sheet made with a recycled foam PVC core. The sheet combines the durable, tough surface of solid PVC with the lightweight nature of foam PVC.

The newest addition to Perspex Distribution’s print substrate range has a smooth surface for clear ink adhesion in both digital and traditional printing.

Perspex Distribution has incorporated sustainability into its offerings with the launch of a new print substrate

The sheet can be easily fabricated and cold-bent with a v-groove cut and can be used to create structures for retail displays, exhibition graphics and general printing.

As well as providing an environmental solution, the firm describes the product as “a practical solution for visual communication applications.”

The multi-layer composite structure means the sheet has bigger impact resistance than paper-based products and is also lighter than aluminium products.

To demonstrate the versatile nature of the material, Perspex Distribution has created a series of CNC templates which can be accessed for free on its website. Designs include a tray, a dolls house, a hanging pot, a table, a bird house and pallets.

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