Monday, 17 Aug 2020 11:32 GMT

Making a million with Xerox Versant

Digital print giant Xerox has announced the launch of Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit – an adaptive technology kit that allows Xerox Versant users to expand their colour palette to more than one million hues and shades.

According to Xerox, the kit transforms a four-color Xerox Versant 180 Press into an 11-color Beyond CMYK press, capable of creating a million colour hues and shades by adding gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescent colours of yellow, magenta and cyan.

The Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant has three options: the Xerox Vivid Kit (gold, silver, white and clear), Xerox Fluorescent Kit (cyan, magenta and yellow) – or the combination Xerox Vivid + Fluorescent Kit for all 11 colours.

Marybeth Gilbert, vice president and general manager, production business, at Xerox, comments: “The Versant CMYK+ Adaptive Kit delivers what print providers need – the ability to provide higher value offerings without major investment.

“The Versant kit further expands Xerox’s market leading Beyond CMYK portfolio, providing our customers opportunity for digital print enhancements from large volume print shop, to light production and into the office space.”

The Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant is available now for order taking in both EMEA and the Americas.

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