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Under the Hood

Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6100

Brian Sims looks under the hood of the Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6100 and analyses the wide range of on-demand products it can create, more reliably and of higher quality

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Konica Minolta’s Accurio Press C6100 operators can count on a simple setup and reliable paper path

All the bells and whistles you could need

As I do each month, I lift the hood and try to understand how the claims of any given manufacturer actually stack up against the details spread across glossy brochures. Often on inspection I am either looking at the small details of a new piece of technology or taking an overview on large capital equipment—with the editor always asking to focus the review to the key parts or theme of equipment.

This month that has been a challenge. When you look at the Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6100 you cannot help but be overwhelmed as to where to start. This digital flagship from the Japanese giant has an accessory list so long it may be easier to list what it does not do rather than what it does.

This digital flagship from the Japanese giant has an accessory list so long it may be easier to list what it does not do rather than what it does

As an introduction before we dive deeper into the machine, apart from high-resolution four colour production, you can have up to nine feeder stations, numerous paper finishing options, third party finishing equipment, and a paper specification from the smallest of envelopes to the large SRA3 paper format perfected for good measure.

So, where do you start to get a good understanding of what this press can do. Obviously at the heart of any press needs to be a robust and effective printing unit; the Accurio Press C6100 has Konica’s fourth generation of its Screen Enhancing Active Digital process known as S.E.A.D. IV. This gives an incredibly sharp dot reproduction at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200dpi. If you include the patented Dot Positioning Control and the eight-bit colour depth, you can increase the resolution up to 1,200 x 3,600dpi. At these levels of reproduction, the sharpest of images can be reliably reproduced, as we stated in our introduction on both sides of the sheet.

Plenty of options

This leads us to the next important aspect of this press, the paper capacity. The Accurio Press C6100 can handle a large spectrum of papers from 52 to 400gsm and up to the very practical SRA3 paper size.

The Accurio Press C6100 can handle a large spectrum of papers from 52 to 400gsm and up to the very practical SRA3 paper size

Like most high-end digital printers, the Accurio Press can print on various paper specifications such as matt, silk, coated, and uncoated paper stocks. On its website Konica lists over 130 different stocks with the technical breakdown of what can be achieved across this range. Reviewing the list I would be surprised if any customer would not be able to select one paper or another for any given job.

With colour and paper ticked off, the speed of production is the next of the list that any prospective owner would want to know about. Up time is vitally important, but equally as vital is the speed that can be achieved once the press is up and running. The Accurio Press can print at a maximum 5,455pph on the A4 format, 2,902pph for A3, and an impressive 2,711pph for the largest SRA3 format.

Regardless of the paper size or stock being printed, the press has a number of clever pieces of technology to maintain the print quality that is no longer a USP of a machine but taken as a given by customers.

To help this Konica press keep its promises, it has automated engine linearisation and duplex registration, real time adjustments, and automatic profiling from the original artwork. Controlling everything that is taking place under the covers it has a number of tried and tested print controllers, such as an EFI controller, CREO controller, and its own Konica Minolta controller. All of these controllers have, as expected, a very intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and all of them support hybrid workflows.

The press has a number of tried and tested print controllers, such as EFI Fiery and CREO controller options, as well as Konica Minolta’s own controller

As you pass along the press, depending on your requirements it depends very much on how long it will take to get to the end of the machine. It is at this point the true extent of the mind-blowing array of options comes into full view.

The press can produce a number of finished formats for the client such as up to 50 sheet booklets with trimming and creasing along with slitting and corner forming. The press can also produce perfect bound books of up to 30mm in thickness, 100 sheet stapling and cutting, and 102 sheet auto ring binding. The printing press can produce almost as many book and binding formats as some of the largest stand-alone finishing machinery.

If you do not need fully finished products, the Accurio Press C6100 can output the printed materials with a multiple number of two or four hole punched sheets, six different types of folding, large stacking for long print production, and the lowest of operator intervention that can be found on modern digital printers.

The Accurio Press C6100 has a print speed (A4) of 100ppm (pages per minute)

Adding to the already extensive list of finishing options, Konica Minolta can supply up to 27 optional items that you can add to your press. Envelope fusing, humidification, stacking, punching, stapling, slitting, and creasing units are all available to meet the demanding client bases most printers have to satisfy.

Should you not be able to find the solution from this mass of flexibility, the clever people at Konica have designed the press to cope with a number of third party finishing equipment. As an example, you can add a Watkiss Power Square TM244 for square back booklet binding or a Plockmatic SD-500 booklet maker with square folding.

Wrapping this impressive press up, consideration also needs to be given to the other features that form part of the package. Due to the technology deployed, the press can also scan and copy documents or printed material. The scanner head can operate in a number of different modes and file outputs such as TIFF and PDF. The maximum resolution that can be achieved in this mode is 600 x 600dpi. The copier function on the press can produce up to 256 graduations with a magnification in 0.1 percent steps from 25 to 400 percent.

As we opened, this machine has as close to an endless array of specifications that you could consider. It is a larger machine when it is in its fuller form, but that size will produce the widest range of on-demand products wished.

Konica Minolta has more information about the Accurio Press C6100 and IQ-501, its newly developed Integrated Color Care Unit which enables customers to achieve higher quality and more reliable consistency, online at simplyefficient.konicaminolta.eu/.

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